I gotta be some one
Some one you want to trust

I gotta be someone
That’s so close to touch

Gotta tell the truth
No matter what’s the use

Need to sign the truce
To get you out my booth

Get the weed out
Rip it from the root

Want something sweet

Then go and pick the fruit

All these feelings are white
All the bed bugs bite

Why oh why can I not sleep at night



Im too afraid to leave

Simple samples Sweat spilled on my Sight

I curse at my shadow

what darkness has not engulfed what not

Whats that on the floor

Whos that at the door

I never wanted to heed my own smell

I envy the turtle who lives in a shell

This brimstone box feels too much like hell

My conscious is hurting

Mind o mind is stuck in revolting

Let love not want not

but i rage loudly with sweat

too afraid to answer the phone

Fearful to let them in this, cause now I live all alone

I feel a creeping

Is it Capone

Could the answers be written

but not in my code

Tidal waves of fear

I feel like a deer

Tides of Fear attack in the night

revolting sickness

wretched in sight



A Love Supreme

Dissertator of chaos, Prophet of Love Supreme, aggressively emitting Humility, Humanity, and Profanity Baaaybuh!