Way Back

My heart is lazy as if to palpitate is equal parts frustrating as menstrating


Flaws in the mirror and at the door , flaws while starting the car

Unhappiness melancholy poetic devices and misappropriate use of the word folly

This woman has become my addiction

A mental preoccupied obsession

A bridge and future didn’t have to burn for a lesson was not learned

She in betterment as observed by a dissertator of no credible credentials

All in that was lost too late to be salvageable

Why did you go there?

He lost his head

Then he was promptly kicked into the back of the line


Got in her head thus carving out the perfect circumstance to thrive and flourish with a better choice

Oh man you’re dreaming of screaming while sleeping

But she lives a dream so tightly knit to the seam of her greatest capacity and mate

Someone kick him in his ass off then use the newly acquired mass to enhance hers

Woman as perfect as you were

Was no match for imperfector that craves for the great father to turn back times hands

Just to choose differently

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A Love Supreme

Dissertator of chaos, Prophet of Love Supreme, aggressively emitting Humility, Humanity, and Profanity Baaaybuh!