Verno Jay Presents: Livestream Boy Blue, Empress Eyes, Zoey Maddesen (I Promise you, we’re professionals)

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11 min readMar 25, 2024


I forgot today was today. Let’s chalk it up to the beginning of Spring Break and total disregard for the day of the week.

Today was an important day, my beloved Verno Jay crew was doing another live-stream session.


  1. Boy Blue
  2. Empress Eyes
  3. Zoey Madison

Boy Blue

Insta: @The_Boy_Blue

SoundCloud: Boy Blue

ze Boy Blue with a blue filter

Too often I’ve written about dear Boy Blue, not too often for me though, maybe for you, anyways I was pleased to see this performance virtually, as I am no longer in Michigan to be the loudest supporter and mosh-pitter. BB is standing fill-in for a sick artist.

Feels So Bad- I’ve not heard this song before, however, it is true to form as the singer-songwriter took to the platform with a trademark beanie, gray sweatshirt, unbranded jeans, and guitar. Though I am a fan of the song, the performance took some time to sweat. The first minute or so was a little uncouth and stumbly, for lack of a better phrase. When BB finally got his stance asserted I finally was able to get into it though not wholeheartedly. I’ve seen this man shake rattle and roll against a drunken crowd in the early evening. I know he can make more of this, either in time or just not here. Again I say, I KNOW he can.

Bad Lullaby- A favorite of mine, that was introduced more confidently after the proper sweat. I enjoyed his pauses in the music and laconic bandage. The lyrics capture me in a certain way and the way he brails over the frets is (as I’ve said before) not virtuosic, but appropriate for the song.

Etta James Cover ( He doesn't Know)/ Tennessee Whiskey- HE DIDN'T KNOW THE NAME OF THE COVER?! Alright, nobody’s perfect, he made up for it with the song. I forgot the name of it as well, even though I’ve heard it before. Then transitioning into the Tennessee Whisky. With vocal chords fully vibrated BB sings from the floor and picks it up to the 8' ceiling, with a rasp that is acquired if one smokes a cigarette before performing, and then done…. Punk Rock?

Honey Wine- Another new one that is more of a story that serves as an ode to drinking, the sidekick to many artists journey to lyrical greatness. The spoken word section is very sweet and intimate, with a 4 beat backdrop serving as the compass pointing true north to a heavy bridge and soulfully sung conclusion.

Right ON! There are so many new tricks he’s picked up along the way and its shows.

A Little Longer- Soul, the brothers got some soul. I’m glad he didn’t fuck about with the intro. Immediately he strummed and hit a note at a higher register than he normally does. I like this live performance of this track more than the recorded version, it’s more lived in, and also more relaxed, more confident, more……. Boy Blue. Once the headbop kicks in you know he has let go of his earthly vessel and begins to channel the essence of many before him.

????- A comfortable release, from all my aching. I believe there was a mixup in the mixing booth, because of the curfuffle with the double-sounding mic. Once that’s out of the way just enjoy

DRUNK- OH SHIT OH SHIT, MY FAVORITE NUMBER ONE SONG!! This song benefits from the same things as A Little Longer, but X4. It’s so relaxed and effortless, but also forcefully asserted. I’ll just waaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I want to be drunk right now with my Verno Jay friends, somewhere else in Michigan getting back to all the stupid shit we usually say…. but the desert called to me. Anyway, well done lad well done making your song really yours. Thank you friend for the song, however, do not crutch on your alcohol.


Time To Go - You gotta remember, have to….. do whatever. This is a serious song and should be taken seriously in memory and in performance. I do not hold it against him, if anybody can Hulk through a rocky start it’s this man.

BURN- Another new number somber and subtle in its delivery and well rehearsed. Must be in the current lineup to be so nailed down. Nailed even down to the baritone then switched to a pseudo-falsetto. Bless it.

Dust Bug- I never like Cocaine, it wasn’t for me, the high rushes to every nerve of your body and all the bad things are good, and good things are better, great things are almost too overstimulating. But when you get that little baggie, you break it up nice and fine, I tell you it won’t be a worry on your mind. I love the play with the audience that's been implemented, all the things that a band couldn’t produce, one man, a guitar, and a sultry voice of Kentucky born -Michigan-raised tobaccci.



Empress Eyes

Could do a better picture for sure… you get to at least see the wings.

A new artist to me, I like the outfit, and the all-black hair, oh and what’s this??? wings???. I grade it 3X noyce. She is beautiful yet shy, I would say, but what do I know I don’t know the lady.

(Did not hear the name of the first song)- It did not take her long to take her stance and automatically get into a movie or commercial-ready song. The strumming of the guitar is subdued but not fumbled… can’t think of the word I want to say. I’ll go with measured. She looks how she sings in this song and this is NOT a slight. Very delicate, caring, and comforting. Most good.

Oh and BTW I’m not content where I am… I doubt I’ll ever be, I think of something Jordan Peterson said, “You’re not all you are and you know it” I guess that's why I’m a poet.

Lucid Dream- I wonder if the Empress has had vocal lessons or if she picked her soft singling sitting in some dark room despite all its color and just hammered it down. She has more focus than BB (sorry John) even though she does occasionally float her gaze to your upper right, her upper left… but it's not distracting. What the hell do you want? huh? she’s not wearing sunglasses she has butterfly wings


Skeleton Garden- I hear someone here, someone I’ve heard but I’m not sure…. Joanie Mitchell… something, I’m not a learned man in all aspects music, but this sounds familiar. I like the backing track, it’s a nice change of pace while also adding some thickness to the song. It’s ready for where its going, the song that is, it’s ready.

Also the mix was more solid for her entire set with an emphasis on this song. It’s just together, all that is needed is the labored breathing of saints and ner-do-wells that congregate in a bar…or tea shop… or maybe a…. something… I’m not quite sure.

Floating- Gettin’ a little loose eh? I can dig it I’m all about loose. This set reminds me of punk rock a little. I’ll explain, that some critiques of punk rock were that if you heard an album it all sounded like one song. I don’t wholeheartedly agree with that description of punk, just like I don't wholeheartedly agree with my mind's first thought. Not a slight- only observations. She keeps it mellow with floating and it makes you feel as the song's namesake.

(Didn’t catch the name of this song)- I swear I’ve heard this song… It just sounds familiar. In the kind of way as I stated before it should be on SOMETHING. She has the same appeal to some of the artists associated with Verno Jay Records Like Sunny Smiles and Zoey where it sounds more radio-friendly and ready for some mass consumption.

Anyway, she has shown a level of seasoning/familiarity with performing it’s rather interesting to see. I like how she some of the songs she ends when it could linger on… but it doesn’t and I’m fine with that because everything doesn’t have to drone on (I’m looking at you YoY)

If you got someone to love this song’s for you- YEEAAH the wings get moving and so do I. She’s very loose and udrd motr of yhe space she has work with. I would add this song to a playlist while hammocking in a tree… we all just want a secret getaway. I get that… this song speaks to me.

Sober (coming soon) — Feeling like you’re more fun when you’re not sober. I get that too. This song reminds me of when I wanted to get my first book published. I called the meeting and asked the dude if he would please, please, please, publish my erroed book. He read it, sure did, then got back to me and said something to the effect, “ All these users think that they can be writers” Whatever nigga…. I did it anyway

I don’t like myself when I’m high… or sober… I listen to this a on wave of a buzz, thanks to some white whine and a mid tier THC vape… I’m not liking myself. I’m liking this space.

Love is LOUD- Yes… use the space… dew it… I’m inspired to add some tracks to my live performances. You don’t need nobody as a misanthrope this works..

Queepy Quords- The Q Corn… never heard of it.. that’s an interesting little instrument. It has a drone that’s pleasant to me. Like how early Velvet Underground always had John Cale's drone. I wanna get one of those Q Corns if that is indeed the name of the instrument. This is song is my favorite of her set and of the show because it is very unconventional, very avant-something. That’s how I would do it so I’m glad I found a person who has much more musical ability to exercise those thoughts out more than I currently can.

Good shit


Zoey & the Madisons ( Venmo@ Zoe-davies)

Soundcloud: Zoey Madison

On a limited budget and a limited and yada yada the blue filter still remains… This is Zoe Madison.

I’ve known Zoey for about 5 years now. Are we friends? Nah. Are we collaborators? Nah. In fact I can’t recall any conversation we’ve ever had. Likely because it has never happened. I’m not vexed though. I’m not the most likable person for some people, and I’m usually too busy doing my own thing to make a deep personal connection with somebody. I will say that if Zoey needed something I’d try my best to help her, I’m not sure if the feeling is mutual, but it doesn't have to be.

I’ve always thought that Zoey was more talented than all of us except Darcy. She was in the original Stuckups playing duh behs (bass), then she went off and did her own thing. Listen to her songs, then listen to something I put out. It is night and day. She clearly has a grasp on crafting a song and making it sound crisp and packaged, ready to be discovered. Hats off to ya girl.

One long ass intermission later we get the band up. It’s the Sunny Smiles band with Zoey. I’m not sure if she’s an official member or not but it is nice and refreshing that she’s got a whole band. It’s a supergroup , if you will and we’re all here for it.

First Song- Hi Brad… you’re on the behs now… that's cool dude keep it funky. The mix on this should’ve been turned WAY UP. The guitarists are putting real work but you can’t hear them all that well. They haven’t started sweating enough yet, it’s coming….

Second Song- Again, the mix didn’t accurately capture the essence of the song. I will say I love the bassist Brad, he looks really cool strutting around. They gotta move a little more. Still getting that sweat going, but I don’t mind, I’ll just be here wasting away.

Pages (Cover) - YES! we got a working MIX. Work it, Matt, I appreciate you being able to adjust. The band adjusted as well, the sweat is coming, and everyone else not named Brad is more loose. This is a Zoey song, a put-together song. Beginning, Middle, end. No dillydally, just good.

Fourth Song- Dayum what a good intro…. shit…. I forgot the guitarist on the left’s name but that face be stank boi, keep that up.

Fifth Song- Instantly when the song gets going I hear Cranberries. I love this song, it falls into a bit of despair, a deep place, that feeling place, that place you get to when you just want to be loved. It encapsulates emotion.

Sixth Song (Please Don’t Leave) - Tempo… Attitude… Sexy…Good… and guitar solo. They got this song down.. This is numbah 1.

Seventh Song (A different song than the last one)- The singing duo in this song works better here than any of the other songs. It fits. Everything fit’s like an undershirt not yet put through the washing machine or even stretched by a chest (looking at you man-tits). These 5 minds can work very well in crafting a real song. It wasn’t punk rock but it was ROCKIN’

Eight Song- Enter acoustic guitar! They already had a more chonky sound, due to the 2 guitarists, bassist, and drummer, now the singers’ strumming, and it they certainly added Le Chonk.

Ninth Song- This is the Zoey sound, this is her song for sure, if this comes on you know it’s her instantly. I’m unsure if I’m missing the names or if I’m just not paying attention….. I wonder…

Tenth Song- You get it by now.

FLOAT ABOVE - The first Zoey song I heard and the one I remember most. After this one, I knew that she knew what she was doing, and would likely outdo all of us. The mix is almost perfect, and the sex appeal resident solely in the bassist remains. I didn’t know I was waiting to hear this song live.

Somebody Told Me You Had a Boyfriend- Wow- this song takes center stage … God Bless you Deacon Thomas for keeping it alive in the background. Absolute FIRE!!!

FEVER DREAMIN- HELL YEA!!! this is Deacon Thomas in the middle of it. This song was #12 on my list of Boy Blue Songs you should know. IT HAPPENED THE STUCKUPS KINDA GOT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN…. I mean its basically the whole band… What a great way to end it…. and WE OUT

I love my friends and I love Verno Jay. Verno Jay is where I cut my teeth as a young nobody wanting to do music.

Though, I wasn't there physically but spiritually I’ve never left. They put on a great show a Verno Jay Classic.



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