The South in your house

A Love Supreme
1 min readMay 5, 2024
Photo by Emily Grace Corley on Unsplash

Watch your mouth

Should I say mouf

Georgia is full of lies

A Peach state who makes less peaches than a Carolina

Hattiesburg Mississippi is where I saw Afroman when he called it HattiesHerb Missahippie

Got tied on in Boca Raton

Laid on and eventually played on by a mother of two with one on the way with her wig on

Better than being stalked by a tweaker in Nashville

When I went to catch a glimpse of Dolly’s knockers even if they aren’t real.

Parton my French

An 18 year old in 2012 could gaffaw and bask in neon jazz laced Sin on Bourbon Street, from Canal Street past Jefferson Square and all around and about the French Quarter without a soul asking for I.D. or money for that matter

For a bit of liquor

And I’ve nothing to say about Alabama except the litany of billboard and the bodacious shuck in which they walk and say “here” like “hyungh”

The small mountain town of Pineville Kentucky

So small the names of the business we’re just that

Barber Shop

Grocery Store


Pizza shop with Pesto as a topping

Where everybody I met seemed to be a Rank Stranger.



A Love Supreme

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