sweet sublime

A Love Supreme
1 min readFeb 14, 2021

I wrote a line in the heat of the summertime that was nonsensical and without rhyme

It was of the time we met and I took a bet you would be surely and truly mine

And to admit I wasn’t fit to be a Romeo or a Hercules to deal with your shit

So here i sit, a worrisome dark snake and razor infested pit

Lying in a trap not meant to be escaped by quick words or wit

I’m a baby bird that made it through his first night

my wings are skinny and featherless, I have yet to learn to fly

I’m a tadpole in the water, but the supreme waits on land

I still have a tail and no legs, the greatest hurdle getting out of the sand

For a big fish, I am small bait reincarnated as a worm, then eaten and then reinstated as the blessed one, kissed by the sun, the harbinger of the supreme yet to come

Amongst the people who live by “ Out of Many ones”

Well isn’t that dumb to be just a one, out of anyone


~Alove Supreme



A Love Supreme

Dissertator of chaos, Prophet of Love Supreme, aggressively emitting Humility, Humanity, and Profanity