Stop Smoking!

The most endearing thang that boy’s ever done said to me.

and mind you the boy is 6 years old.

him come to me say

“Uncle Darien I have to talk to you about something really important.”

Now in my mind most of the time children dont say much in the realm of pertanence


It was the look of concern on his face

so i honed in all of my concern for my nephew.

“Whats up kiddo?”

“I went to school today and my we watched a video on smoking and it was all black and nasty and people DIE From that Uncle Darien”

and he held my hand. Tightly. then gave me a hug.

When he said it to me i had read into this like i had never heard this information before.

“Oh no!” i say

“ I must stop this immediately”

Thank you Uncle Darien, now lets go tell mom so she can stop smoking cigarettes too.

I swear I love this kid.

You’re someone special to me Mekhi.

~Uncle Darien.



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