(Rant Warning)- Not sayin’ you should beat your kids… but Gatdayum at least pop them on the wrist, If not that tell them no.

A Love Supreme
5 min readMar 20, 2024

Look, I can admit that I am a little bitter and jealous of how easy kids these days got it. I’m what you would call an elderly young person. A Millenial (b.1994) so I still remember a time when we had those roll- in projectors, roll-in TV’s, and computer labs. There’s another thing I remember for those late 90s and early oughts.


I remember that more than any lesson Ms. Clear taught back in 2001. If the teacher ever called my mom, I knew 2 things.

  1. If the teacher said I did it (even if I didn’t) I did it, calling an adult a liar was a sin
  2. I was getting my ass beat.

Those two things were guar-an-fucking-teed to happen, so I did my absolute best to not get any kind of call home because I knew there was something I had to answer to. Hell, I was even afraid to get a good call home.

But these kids these days dont give a fuck I REPEAT DO NOT GIVE A FUCK

They curse, they hit, they threaten, they destroy your property, they spit at you, they do any little thing they want to, and to top it off…. they can’t even READ, or WRITE, or ADD, or Spell their last names.

A few years back I got my dreadlocks pulled out of my hair, let me reiterate, I had my deadlock that I’ve been growing since 2014 RIPPED OUT AT THE ROOT in 2022, I’d also been kicked, scratched, yelled at, and stabbed by a pencil in the same day. Not only was the child that did it to me allowed to come back to school THE NEXT DAY, but maybe 30 minutes after all the altercation everyone was just expected to move on as if it never happened.

What the fuck is that?

3 weeks ago I was called into a crisis in one of the classrooms. Apparently a young man got upset at the teacher for not slowing down the lesson so he took it upon himself to trash the classroom. He took everything out of the cabinets, pulled everything off the walls, and broke 3 school-provided laptops… Did he get expelled? No. Did he get a new computer? Yes. See the problem? These kids can do whatever the hell they want and not only do they not get consequences they’re given more.

These kids have more than any other kids have in history. All of us tax paying adults are required to forfeit 20–30% of our salaries to fund the education of children who dont fucking care, parents that don’t fucking care, administration who doesn't fucking care. The only ones left who care are the teachers who get abused and told their not doing enough.

Like Fuck people… what the hell happened. Alot of the parents these days are from my generation.

Was your childhood so “traumatizing” that you didn’t want to inflict any expectations on your own? Was your mom telling to not interrupt adults while their talking, the reason why you’re kids don’t have manners?

What is it?

I’m not saying you have to beat your kids with an extension chord like my mom did.

But can you tell them to shut up?

Can you take away their tablet

Can you force them to write 1000 times “I will not talk back to the teacher, I will not curse in class, I will not hit others, I will not be a demon”

That’s not abuse… It’s a consequence.

How many 100s of thousands of teachers who went into it with the best of intentions are leaving the field? Between 2022 and 2023 it was about 350,000. What do you think is going to happen when all the tenured teachers grow old and nobody new is coming into the field?


An entire generation children without the proper guidance and teaching to progress the country leading into the 2030s.

I’m tired of seeing 50 and 60 year old women getting government funded laptops thrown at their head just because little johnny was told to stop looking up dildos on google.

What the hell are the kids of generation beta are going to turn into. The millennials fucked up their kids because the tough love they were shown was seen as cruel. Now those kids had kids, and their kids are nihilistic, terroristic, oversexualized, monsters who have no coping strategies or ambition outside of being the next TikTok superstar.

If you’re going to have kids. BE A PARENT. Not a friend. Not a shield to deflect the consequences of the world. Parents need to work in concert with teachers, not against them. School is not a daycare, it is an institution of learning. Learning does not begin and end at school. It’s in the home. Read your children a book, put your goddam phone down, turn off the tiktok and Instagram, throw away the tablet and tell your kid a story. You leave it up to these YouTubers whos only true goal is to further their influence and make money, to educate your kids on how to orient themselves in the world. Stop letting your kids listen to vulgar music, stop letting you second grader play GTA 5.

I used to think it was idiotic when they said violent video games will lead to violent children, now, I see what they were saying. These kids are violent and you can’t even do anything about it. You cant say anything back, you can’t take their phones, you cant hit them back, can’t talk to the parents, can’t complain to admin. You just gotta take it….

Its unfair.

I genuinely FEARED the consequences that would be imposed on me if I misbehaved, and that was enough to keep me in line. Eddie Griffin, a comedian, once joked in a comedy special that he thanked his mother for, “beating him out of the penetinary”. If you spoke while adults were speaking *WHACK*! If you had to be told to do something more than once *WHACK*, if you spoke back, *WHACK*, if you used a bad word…. well.. you might as well go load up mom’s gun for her to save her the work.

On top of all of these things, there was never a discussion about what you thought was fair, or a reason for what you were being told to do. I got so many , BECAUSE I SAID SO’s. Even then I knew that’s where it needed to stay.

“Caroline, I need you to sit in your seat”


“Because I said so”

“Yes sir”

That’s it… that's all that's required. Our jobs as teachers and behavioral therapist, and even lunch ladies is to be an extension of your parents. It’s my entire job to teach you and keep you acting right so you can have a productive and fulfilling life. But when your mama says you don’t have to listen to the teacher, it makes me wonder….. WHY DOESNT SHE HOMESCHOOL YOU THEN??

10 years from now unless some MAJOR changes occur the public school system in America will just be a bigger fucking joke than it is right now, and America will be unceremoniously be the laughing stock of the world and usurped as any type of economical or intellectual Super-Power.

I’m saddened



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