I work at an Elementary School These Days

April ‘21

First day working in a school

I met the teachers and went into their rooms

I sat in the gym

And gawked at the cafeteria

Looked at jellyfish in a jar

And smelled fresh paint on a trash can

I saw the brick interior walls

And the brick wallpaper on top

I saw the kids lockers at my waist they stop

I don’t think my knees would be able to handle such short lockers

It is Wednesday during a pandemic

The world is crawling back to some kind of normality

Whatever that means surely a fallacy

I think I will like working at this school.

I think I will like being a productive member of the success pool

O shit

Should probably quit shmoking reefer before I come here.

It’s okay if Idont

For the staff will be charmed with my alluring grin

Shining from ear to ear



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