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My mind wonders where yours is

and if I rent any time in it where this is going to go?

“Ariel you smoke the cigar like you don’t know how how to smoke a cigar”

“Well I've never smoked one, why are you looking at me like that, it's kind of cute and dorky.”

She says mocking me for writing about her while she’s next me

“I hope I’m not wasting it”

As perfectly as anyone can say anything

“ See how big it is, I think we’re fine”

*Oonce oonce oonnce oonce*

Now she’s impersonating sounds of club music as perfectly as one can


Today was good.

You’re anxious

This is known because she told me

“ How would you feel if someone wrote about you while you were right there?”

“I’m not sure”

“ I mean i’ve written about you before”, she says perfectly

“You have?”

I tell you WHat

today is NOW great

~A Love Supreme



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A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme


Dissertator of chaos, Prophet of Love Supreme, aggressively emitting Humility, Humanity, and Profanity Baaaybuh!