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Second A Love Supreme book ready

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I would appreciate any support I can get, any support I get (or don’t) will be paid forward!

Wouldn’t be right to not share my happenings. My second book is done and ready for consumption. I dedicated this work to Franks Rod Hot Hot Bacon Hot Sauce… however, I was being facetious and attempting to obfuscate. Actually, it was Marisa Quinn writing her new book Happy Hands that led to pick up where I left off 41 months ago.

Marisa even has her own website where you you purchase her book and other things directly. I think she send little gift bags with each order, so she’s totally better than me. HATS OFF

So to my associate, thank you for inspiring me to do what I’d failed to do for nearly 4 years and I wish you well.

My goal for this book is to sell 100 copies to gather funds to funnel into my next effort, and the next effort, and the next effort. I’m not trying to be rich or anything, though it would be nice. I’m trying to be a true artist, where your art creates more art, and you use all the money you get only to make it on the next effort.

I love picking prices for things. Hardcover is coming soon!

Hi Friends was actually intended to be my first book, back when I worked at an ABA clinic, and before I became an RBT I would always enter any room on the premises and say HI FRIENDS! BODLY. Ya’ll remember that?”

Destiny had other plans, and this was shelved and to be revealed un poco despues?? which if my time in New Mexico has done me any good means “a little bit later”. 4 years…

Anybody who read my first work will find the rawness of my delivery quite familiar. Hi Friends is unlearned with unabashed syntax, profanity, and whimsy. It reminds me of the days of being new in Michigan after a bad breakup, retreating inward, and writing for therapy. Bless it.

Also available on amazon if you are wanting to be a super fan I’d be the best idol ever.

Hi Friends is a stepping stone to my Magnum Opus, but I’ll keep that in the wagon until I get everything else done and taken care of. I did not intend for this book to be perfect or targeted towards anybody in particular, with no trendy agenda to push, or flattery for anyone’s sake.

Sometimes I have these very real and very humbling thought holes when I recognize: I’m going to die one day, and I’ll be lucky if I grow old. Not to bring down the mood of anybody, but if you really think about it…. one day…. any day… it’s all over…

So until that very day when you are called to heaven or chained down to Hell, don’t muck about your time… If you got a book to write, write it, send that shit. Got a song? sing it loud and dare anybody say something to shame you.

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Hi Friends


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