Here in this place lies the Genie of Death

Touch it feel it Green hell !!

A Love Supreme
1 min readMar 20, 2024

I robbed the lamp and shook it up

I know just what I’ll do with it

I’ll wish you all away from it

You won’t even know about it

Oh don't you even think about it

Here in my hand I hold the doom of the world

Touch it feel it


You’ll beg and plead for me not to end it

I’ll lie and fly say I wont end it

Then a ball and flame will surely end

and you’re all going to go to hell

Void in space with not oxegen place

in hell in hell

Nobody, gonna survive this hell in hell

smoke and brimstone smoke and fire in your hell your hell

maybe when you're burnt and black you will


in hell

there’s no running water or a sink in hell



A Love Supreme

Dissertator of chaos, Prophet of Love Supreme, aggressively emitting Humility, Humanity, and Profanity