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John “Boy Blue” Blankenship

Let’s suppose I ever make it to be big famous as either a writer or musician (the verdict is still out on that) outside of all the well-known artists that inspired me like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, George Clinton, John Coltrane, and The Misfits to name a few. In that case, there’s one artist that had an immediate and significant impact.

Boy Blue

by Kyle

John Blankenship/Nightingale/Camp Scout John or otherwise is a musicianer from Pontiac Michigan, a contemporary artist on the face of what I once coined “The Grays” — A parallel to the blues but in the 2020s. It’s specifically his mix of Blues, Jazz, R&B, Folk, and a tinge of chaos. Boy is riding a wave of success in the Metro Detroit Area. He is a close friend of mine, and I’m sure when you listen to his music, he’ll be your close friend too, or at the very least, your favorite artist, he is mine.

The details of our friendship have likely been covered and will be recovered tenfold throughout my life and my writing (career?). We became friends all because of Funkadelic, I was humming the song “Loose Booty, he immediately identified the song and we’ve been tight ever since. Early in our friendship, he invited me to see his band at the time (The Stuckups) in a local battle of the bands in Fraser, Michigan. That was the first time I had ever witnessed a friend of mine on a stage and performing music. The first thing I ever wanted to be in my life was a rockstar, and vicariously I was living through John.

After that, I immediately connected with John’s friends, and one of note was Matthew “Verno Jay” Dietrick and the rest is becoming history. Today I share my selections for the top songs by John “Boy Blue” Blankenship.

#13 Ghosts

He said, “ Darien give me a fucking cigarette and take the DAMN picture”

“We try to make sense of the things that we cant agree on… As you build an alter in your room and pray for my conviction”

Under the name Nightingale, John crafted this song right in front of me. April 2020, tipsy, likely between the hours of 9pm and 3 am, featuring Verno Jay. The reason why this song is at the bottom of the list is not due to lack of musicality, it simply was a test run we did during quarantine.

#12 Fever Dreamin

Maybe I’m fever dreamin.

There are much better versions of this song, I’ve heard it live and electric. Not to disparage the song at all it still is a sterling example of the shining brilliance of the songwriter side of the singer-songwriter coin.

#11 Why?

A song I enjoy during a live show because after the raucousness sweat, and fervor, Boy Blue brings the mood down at the perfect moment. He waved his hand gently to tell the band to stop playing. If the next song he sang was lesser than this I would’ve considered it rude. Everyone joined in and you didn't have to listen too closely to hear the crowd collectively chant “WHY” once they got the hook.

Sadly, this song for now only lives in memory.

#10 Not Like You

There are no good things left

#9 Keep it Cool

“Keep it Koooo Baybehh”

Often I recite, “Ain’t it funny how time isn't real? It’s something you when when you’re facing those changes” It’s just a good line and a philosophical realization. Sometimes in my own way, I rewrite the words to say “…when you’re all fucked up and going through changes” alas, I am known to use too many words.

#8 You, me, and the Devil make 3


A more classical Blues-inspired song. it has the element of a Robert Johnson epic theme. The devil. It is simple yet effective. I’m sure at some point a consumer-ready recording of this song will be produced, but as of March 2024, there only exists a short video, a .wav file on some google drive, and of course the memory.

#7 All At Once

“Sweet work of art, there’s no way you should be from my heart, oh my love oh dear, why pull away when I could have you near. Through my door…. without delay”

With my frantic handwork, I just rode the wave that Boy Blue initiated. I specifically remember after the set I was so excited I punt-kicked my drum to the far side of the bar, almost out of the door. Boy Blue and Alove Supreme go together all day, like James Brown. and Danny Ray.

#6 Time To Go

Yes, I can rightly say, I don’t know where I’m going, I just know I have to go.

There are many days that… Too many days that I’ve felt dead but just like Boy, I’m alive. If it wasn't for all the other pieces I’ve heard and played this would be #1. Would recommend this song if you feel lost or on the precipice of a big change.

#5 Blue Daze

Always thought the name of this song was Bad Lullaby. Well tickle my testies and tell me my name is Terry.

#4 Tu Es Ma Perte

Shout out to the Bahbby for his album cover debut.

Now this was surprising. I’m the self-proclaimed biggest Boy Blue fan in the world, however, this one slipped my radar. It’s a different flow than what I’m used to hearing and I speculate it has something to do with his writing partner LuLu Ferrer. More Jazz than Blues, more Seu Jorge than Muddy, Howlin’, or Johnny Cash, but it’s damn good.

#3 Dust Bug

If I was a good man If I played it safe, I’d probably save my money , and keep it from my face, so far away, SO FAR AWAY, Cause when you get that little baggie and sniff it up real fine, I’m tellin you right now baby , won’t be a worry on yo’ mind

The live performance of this song has all the sexual vibrato of a preacherman, descending from the position of the pontiff to give a message to someone who needs to hear it. It was the first time I was on a stage with someone and felt smaller than them.

#2 High Off the Ground

When the Devil comes and takes my soul, I want to be high off the ground.

I believe High off the Ground is the song Boy Blue always wanted to write. It’s spacey with a touch of grainy background noise and vocals, that pays homage to standard blues.

#1 Drunk ( The Stuckups)

WELL MY FRIENDS SAY! I need hobby!

This is THE song. Original Stuckups, young hot and unknowing of what was to come upon the world. This is the penultimate song that displays a musical take of personal malase as well as a true to life telling of his relationship with alcohol and how that relationship has affected those close to him.

But what can I do, If can’t get close to you… I’ll just wait…. I WANNA BE DRUNK RIGHT NOW! I WANT TO BE SOMEWHERE

Honorable mentions

The Darien Blues

This song is so fucking funny. During Cornteen I was the only one getting vagina so I reckon one day when I snuck out of Verno Jay’s house to go get some nasty, John had stumbled into the studio looking for me. Clearly, I wasn't there so those two conspired to fire up the studio equipment and curse my name for driving to ypslanti when I should’ve been probably preparing the great king a meal… or something asinine… and 4 years later I chose to respond with

If you’re reading this John FUCK YOU

Got my Mojo Workin’ (Muddy Waters Cover)

The boy loves Muddy. Name any Muddy Waters song and John knows what year it was released, (if it’s a live performance) what venue it was performed, and which song was written as a response. Grand Rapids Michigan, Turnstyles Bar, snowy, cold, strobe lit. I even had a little part leading the chant.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World- Didn’t know the boy could play piano. It’s not his instrument. However, the sultry persuastion of his voice compensated. He’s only performed it one time, bloated, bald but bold.

Sway (Sunny Smiles feat A Love Supreme & Nightingale)

John would always try to collaborate artists, I reckon that’s why he works with so many. He asked me to write a poem for a song that Brad “Sunny Smiles” Le Funk was making. I wrote about 7 and went along and accompanied 2 artists that didn’t really need the help. However, the inclusion of me was most honorable.

Tiger King (Christian Band Camp)

A song likely to never be released from Cornteen Sessions, from a band you’ll never hear about Christian Band Camp. Drums- CCDarien, Bass- CC Matt, Guitar+Vocals, CS John. This song is what my own band YoY would be familiar with. A screaming aggressive assault inspired by the Tiger King Documentary of 2020. It’s Punk Dude… Sadly I could not recover some obscure grainy video of us playing this so just take my word.

The World’s On Fire (YOY)

I’ll release this song one day. I this being in the earliest days of YOY and probably after a heavy song like Trust or DITCH.

Waco (Christian Band Camp)

My favorite thing John has ever done was on the bass.

Everything I said about Tiger King, except CS John is on bass, and CC Matt on Guitar. He’s no virtuoso on either guitar or bass. Who said he had to be. There’s a section of the song where the bass reaches a foreboding tone, with a Pentecostal giddy-up. After we recorded it and listened to it I remember the elation we shared. It was awesome. This song was based on a documentary we watched on Waco Texas. Don’t mind the drums too much, I had only started playing about 1 month before.

Paint it Black (Rolling Stones Cover)

Great song, add a little angst and forgotten words, then you have a masterpiece reimagined.

The World’s On Fire


Untitled (I just Wanna be with you)

Plastic (YOY)

The first and only time the original YoY performed

Fake plastic love Real organic

Hate for the sun, I cant relate,

They say hatred is real

but love is fake

Windowshop for love , I said I can’t Relate

I hate you plastic world Plastic People

And your plastic Lives

and your Plastic matters

Ok, I’m so far beyond shamelessly plugging in my band. The one thing we, at Verno Jay have all studied is how to wing it. The interesting thing about John’s winging in this particular track is the hesitant creeping wimper of his guitar playing perfectly matched the tone and atmosphere of what I was reading. It’s because of this approach that Plastic is the #1 YoY song that’s been played at our few shows.

Thank you John.

(From Left to Right) Me, Razz Nasty, Boy Blue, Jack Biedler, and Tweed Matt
The old Verno Jay Records studio, in a basement, St. Clair Shores Michigan
Camp Counselor Matt, Camp Scout John, Camp Counselor Darien
We met at a bar in Shitstain, Michigan and had a deep conversation about Alter Egos. I believe this is where we concocted the idea of what he was to become.
This is the most influential moment of my adult life, I am not using hyperbole. I’m a shit camera man at concerts but while all the other friends were too cool sitting. the audience too stunned by the chutzpah, and his parents failing to hide their disappointment of their son playing secular music, I was at the very front, and I’ve never been the same.

My interview with Boy Blue ‘23

Now that I’m at the end of this post I’m swelling with emotion. Just to make it simple… I love my friend and am very proud of his musical abilities and honored to lay this epic out for anyone to see.

I have never spent so much time on one thing, finding photos, videos, listening to songs, taking notes, asking him “Hey man, in that song about the thing, what did you say?”

As of today March 14, 2024 if you look on his Spotify and look at his monthly listeners, it stands at one.

It’s me.

If you have friends who are doing something great, take the time to exalt them unto the men, exalt them on stage or in their room, exalt them on the internet, and pray to the Lord for them, for one day they won’t be here. Only their art shall remain and the words written about them.

If you enjoyed my ode to a dear friend please and are interested in more of my whimsy, follow me on Medium for my next stroke of inspiration, whether it’s my abstract poetry, gonzo observations, misanthropy, or my journey as a traveling RBT.

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