All that a person lacks is a showing sign of what aspect they lack and need only to exercise.

A bro in this example

With a small member you need only EXERCISE the body to make everything else around the small member smaller.

Not so the member will become bigger

But so everything is small and universal

A lonely heart need only exercise detachment from needing anyone

Furthering other aspects

Become educated in the art of loneliness

Be the leading knowledge authority in loneliness

Get a doctorate in this exact thing

Ain’t that better than making something that’s not there; cause you anxiety run and stress?

Just whatever anybody is involved in…



Or otherwise get real deep in it

A shortComing?

Why not.

Rather than getting in the gaze of Ms. Got-it all as she doesn’t like Bachelors or Doctors of Loneliness

Search for Ms. Still-Figuring-Shit-Out.

It’s a better fit, if you’re ugly.

And you resemble a Jack fruit or a possum

or whatever close comparison.

Figure out your own advice .

Because I’ve NEVER been ugly.


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