People are a product of the times that they are in
The times in which social media has overtaken the boobtube
No longer are we shocked by boobs on tv
The words, shit, liar, whore, nigga, or bitch

There's tweeting and twitching, streaming, creaming for only fans
While only fans pay 20 dollars per month and 5 dollars for personalized messages

All the rage is outrage
Nothing else matters

I reckon if you are not appealing to my capacity to be totally shocked aroused or disgusted
No attention is to be given for actual life

If it is both utility and functional
but not sexy
Then you do not deserve my money

you do not exist
You do not do not matter
Awee you posted a picture of your passionate pursuits... And liked by no one
There's people who are better at every instrument with nationwide yours schedule
There's woman far better looking than you with ideal proportions and every conceivable advantage

They're perfect in every minute detail

There's men with unlimited amounts of money that can afford midweek vacations in Vegas, Miami, and Thailand for lady boy toys
Perfect jawlines.perfect bodies never seeming to sleep ,or run out of whitty captions, gifs, and memes a plenty
Each with thousands upon 100s of thousands profiles littered with dog posts, extreme right and leftists sensibilities
Twerk videos, car karaoke, bloopers, reels, misquoted quotes, potent poison potables
Sex and sin and sodemy
Ass and ads and ads of ass Ass and Ass more ass
Gym clips of white women's doing squats to get a bigger ass
Videos of black women getting ass shots made from
a.concoction of Gatorade,
d.rywall, and ,
everything above with paint thinner mashed in

Little boys and little girls entire lives from birthto Sophomore year in high school as public access
Feeding into the public excess
Frabricating success

Over stimulated society
Your privileged stench is foul
Over sexualized children
I fear for your adulthood

Comparison is bad
Porn is the devil
Less is Best
7 billion people can be wrong




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A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme


Dissertator of chaos, Prophet of Love Supreme, aggressively emitting Humility, Humanity, and Profanity Baaaybuh!